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About Us

Education and my profession
Primary and high school in the town I live in the Kuzuculu neighborhood (formerly connected to the town was connected to the town of Dörtyol and the neighborhood was completed) I studied high school in high school in the Verbal Department, after high school I went to classroom for 1 year. I took the ÖSS exam twice for high school 3 rd grade and the year after high school, but I didn’t make a choice as a result of not getting nice points.

Next year, I started studying at home instead of going to Dershane, 3-4 months had passed. Would you work in a private Accounting office? I received an offer, but Accounting is a profession? Accountants do not know what they do. I started working in the Accounting Office for a full week. Thank God I have started to learn the profession of accounting and still work.

Anyway, I took the university exam again that year, of course I was not going to leave the profession of accounting that I just loved Open Education Department of Business administration to read and write a section of business administration I had to give a 2-year break for some reason, but I’m going on now again.

I’m curious about web design business with a curiosity, how to make a site, what I should be on a site before I started learning them, I wonder how to make a web site how to make a site I don’t like to quit, no matter what job.

Anyway I learned how to research web sites from the internet and I made the site for myself because it was my first website and I didn’t have much information about it and I didn’t get any help from it. After a while I used content management systems like Joomla and Datalife Engine.

Finally, I met with Google’s free blog site, Blogspot.com, and finally I set up this site, and then I took a private domain to blogspot.com. I directed this site to blogspot.com. I wanted to be useful for people to share useful information for people and finally I thank God, I set up this site and people do not always share useful information, though occasionally I share my own thoughts on current issues.


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